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I, Lilith Shakti, do not make, offer, or recommend the use of yoni pearls or detox tampons. I've said it several times on several platforms.

This is a statement I posted on my Facebook page August 26 disconnecting myself, as a womb wellness practitioner, from yoni detoxing suppositories (including yoni pearls and detox tampons). Though I have shared my concerns about the suppositories on many occasions, I received an influx of questions as well as concerns from women who have are curios, hesitant, or have previously used the aforementioned suppositories... which resulted in this long overdue blog post (thanks for the nudge).

For many women womb wellness is a spiritual journey, for some it about having a healthy reproductive system, for others it may be about having a tight and tasty yoni for the benefit of their mate... what ever the reason, womb detoxing is trending at the moment. As a holistic practitioner, with a healthy practice, womb detoxing is a popular subject in which my initial input is always something in regards to finding out how much water they drink and how "clean" she eats and the same for her mate. During the conversation we also speak about the internal pH level of her yoni (vagina) and the timing and frequency that it is checked and why it is important to be aware of the range and what it says about her yoni's environment. It is my preference to view womb wellness as a spiritual journey in which together we are able to incorporate nature or Mother Earth in their healing process by connecting to each elemental benefit we decide to include. I agree with the use of NATURAL gemstones/crystals (each gemstone/crystal resonates with particular energies) in the shape of eggs or spheres, commonly known as "Yoni Eggs" or "Yoni Spheres" that can be inserted in the yoni or held close to the body near the womb (during meditation only if desired) so that it can absorb or share (transmit) energy. In response to the internal stimulation, your yoni will release an accumulation of increased wetness that will be free of tissue or mucus. Yes, I agree with the practice of Yoni Steam using premium herbs free of pesticides and with careful consideration given to their therapeutic constituents and medicinal actions. In translation, I strongly suggest that you receive your Yoni Steam as a service offered by a practitioner or purchase prepackaged steam from a practitioner or follow a trusted recipe offered by someone with a healthy knowledge of herbs (more than someone who can walk through the produce aisle and differentiate between oregano and parsley).

With that being said, I again say... I, Lilith Shakti, do not make, offer, recommend the use of Yoni Pearls. After my social media post the alerts on my phone were continuous! Alert. Alert. Alert. Text Message. Alert. Inbox. Notification. Alert. (you get the picture) "What's up with the pearls? I've been using them for a year", "I thought you made pearls or tampons, you sell both...right", "I'm curious about the pearls but something won't let me", "I have a set of tampons I am waiting for the right time to use, you saying I shouldn't?" and on & on. My response initially was brief, I suggested that they ask themselves a few questions along the lines of "why are we so quick to insert foreign objects in our Sacred Yoni?", "Our insides have a different purpose from our outsides so, yes beloved, it's going to look different", "What if we needed that which was removed? Will it grow back? If so, how long will that take?", "Long term side effects?"

Initially my research was conducted from a practitioners point of view. "Are the pearls/tampons created using the same quality of herbs or with the precision an herbal medicine practitioner would use?" When I Google'd the question I realized that Dr. Fromberg had asked the same question while making a decision on whether or not to include them in practice. "Using these detoxification methods may be removing the good along with the bad presenting the opportunity for infection and progressively disease" was my next concern, Dr. Fromberg addressed the same concern previously as well (I am in good company).Dr. Feverstein agreed in a separate statement "Putting these pearls in the vagina will likely cause an infection and increase vaginal infection". Three practitioners whose opinion I respect say the same thing, got to be some truth there. Chartreuse Tembo Barriere of "Age of Eleven" stated simply "there is a metaphysical cause for every disease"... I agree!!!

I honestly have never used yoni pearls or detox tampons, I have heard mixed reviews, seen some pictures that concerned me and can comfortably say I will not use them. I do not see the benefit of inserting a pouch or roll of herbs inside your yoni without having some type of confirmation of the environment (the smell, pH balance, the thickness and consistency of the mucus, is your cycle coming within the next week or so). To answer my questions about the "detox" I combed through the medicine (herbs being used for their healing/medicinal actions) and discovered that one of the most commonly used herb was Motherswort which is classified by botanist as a alkaloid, tannin, and resin. Alkaloids are deemed potent and unsuitable for home use because it is used in making potent medicines... Morphine made from opium/poppy, nicotine made from tobacco, caffeine/theobromine made from coffee/black tea/cocoa, and atropine made from nightshade (which is considered lethal). Another common herb is Angelica which doulas use when preparing mothers for birth because it increases circulation and softens the cervix. Angelica should not be used by those with inflammatory kidney problems or disease. Suppositories are purposed to be absorbed quickly into the mucosa (mucus membranes) before the body has the opportunity to reject it, which is why most suppositories are usually administered anally. Now that the practitioner in me spoken her peace, please allow the woman I am to explain... Herbal pouches being inserted into our yoni containing strong herbs that are considered unsafe for home use and can soften your cervix and a rapid absorption rate for the sake of "detox"ing. Let me pause to say YOU CAN NOT DETOX A DISEASE FROM YOUR BODY. Women, the only time your cervix should soften is in preparation for birth, so every time use the pearls or tampon you are preparing your body for birth... unnecessarily. Unsuccessful births register as miscarriages within our bodies. *take a moment to process that* Multiple miscarriages increase the risk infertility, ectopic(tubal) pregnancies, future miscarriages/pre-term births/low birth-weight babies (your body has been programmed to soften the cervix and release/birth prematurely), including the increased risk of hemorrhage, embolism (blood clotting), and reduced perennial blood flow/pelvic floor numbness (common towards the latter months of pregnancy, when the mommy experiences perennial numbness as a result of the weight of the baby on veins and arteries). I ask that you love yourself enough to know better than to follow a trend when maintaining the health of your yoni. Again, I say... I, Lilith Shakti, does not make, offer, or recommend the use of yoni pearls or detox tampons. I've said it several times on several platforms. All is well.

Peace, Lilith Shakti.

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