In spiritual practices, the "Rose of Jericho" is believed to:

  • Bring Peace, Prosperity, & Abundance to a Home or Business.
  • Protect against adverse energies/vibrations


A suggested way to "work" with your Rose of Jericho...

  • Establish where your plant will "work" and secure a bowl that offers sufficient space for you plant to open comfortably, keeping in mind that it mat triple in size once completely open.
  • Hold the plant in your hands and enjoy the energy it carries.  Say a prayer of appreciation and intent for the plant and it's use.
  • Place the plant in the bowl you have selected (you are welcome to say a prayer over the bowl as well and add water of your choice avoiding salt/ocean water.  It is okay to complete fill the bowl with water as the plant will absorb it.  It is advised to change the water weekly or as needed to keep the water clean.
  • You are encouraged to place coins, crystals, or the like in the water so your Rose of Jericho always keep abundance growing and coming to your home.



*The water from the Rose of Jericho can be used to make Floor Washes or a base for Money Attracting and Wealth Work, to cleanse crystals, or even to set a perimeter around your home, business, or other Sacred Space.

Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant) - Small